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I had a problem, my PC was out of date and obsolete. I was still running Windows 95, it was difficult to get compatible software which did what I needed and would run on such a low spec machine. Years before I had tried upgrading to Windows 98, but some piece of software was conflicting with the new operating system and it wouldn't install. The only realistic choice was to get a new PC, the big problem was I didn't have enough money to buy a brand new one. As luck would have it I stumbled upon a way of receiving (with a little effort) one for free.

To start with I was doubtful, how could a company provide a new laptop for free? I did some investigating and discovered other people had received free laptops this way. The media has even picked up on this - CNN and the BBC prove this is for real. Watch their reports for yourself in my proof page.

Could you sign up for a free credit check report if it meant
you would get a Free Laptop?

That's how easy it is to be on your way to a brand new laptop of your choice. Find out more below, then sign up and do one of the free offers.

How to Get Your Free Laptop PC

Laptop Computer for free, how?

free laptop computer - how to get your Sony Vaio laptop computer without spending a penny

Your new computer will be supplied by a reward website, these companies earn the money to pay for your PC by referring you to another business. This other business wants you to try out their product and when you do so they will pay money to the reward site.

The business may just need you to take part in a free trial, which although you don't pay anything, the business knows from experience that a certain ratio of people will take their product after the trial is over. They are therefore able to pay the reward site quite a large amount of money when you sign up.

If you like, you could instead take part in offers which will cost you a little bit of cash. Either way the reward site will receive more money than it has cost you to participate in the offer. Which offer you do is entirely up to you. The next stage is to refer other people to also do a free offer, you can ask friends if you like or other methods to get referrals.

When you have done this the reward site will send you your new laptop computer.

If for example, you wanted a MacBook Air (you can choose any laptop you want even if they don't have it listed on their site, simply choose a custom order then raise a support ticket telling them what you want);

  1. You complete a free trial offer for a business via a link from the reward site
  2. The business pays a bounty to the reward site for each successful sign up
  3. You would like a MacBook Air, which will normally cost you a considerable amount of money
  4. Instead you need to get a number of people to sign up using your referral link
  5. The business also pays the reward site when each of these people successfully sign up
  6. The reward site then orders you your Laptop Computer

It really is a win win situation for everybody;

How could this be any better, everyone's a winner! Plus the people you refer can go on to claim their free gift too.

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Then complete an offer of your choice.
If they don't have the laptop you want, simply select 'Custom Order' and choose what you want.

Need More Proof You Can Get a Laptop Computer Free?

free laptop computer - how to get your laptop computer backed up by the BBC and CNN

Still not convinced you can really get a brand new laptop computer for free? I fully understand this is a lot to take on board in a short time. I too was sceptical in the beginning so I've added more information so you see this really works. Take a look at my proof page and research what other people have received, on the eXceem forum.

The reward site which will provide you with your new notebook has been chosen because they have an impeccable record of fairness and reliablity at providing free gifts. They are also one of the very few reward sites which have been judged professional enough, with an excellent track record, to be recommended by the eXceem forum.

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